S2A’s Modular Minute: A Short-Form Video Series that Examines the Advantages of Modular Construction & Green Energy Technology

Interested in Modular Construction? Check Out S2A’s Modular Minute

Modular construction is expected to deliver a paradigm shift in building practices in the US. as demand for affordable, efficient, and sustainable housing soars. For decades, construction technology has under paced other sectors of the economy. We’ve been standing up buildings the same way for generations with limited innovation in new techniques. Modular construction is about to change all that.

To help people understand the scope of modular building and how it will transform the construction industry, S2A Modular created a practical video series that covers the many advantages of modular construction integrated with smart home energy technology.

The S2A Modular Minute

The S2A Modular Minute is a series of 2-3 minute video clips that break down the fundamental aspects of modular construction and green building principles. Want to know the advantages of modular over traditional onsite stick builds? Curious about new, emerging smart home tech? What does it take to create a net zero energy building? Get these answers and more from the S2A Modular Minute.

Hear from many chief executives at S2A who are shaking up the modular space, including:

  • Brian Kuzdas, CEO & Co-Founder
  • Dean DeLisle, Chief Revenue Officer
  • Ryan Leusch, Chief Technology Officer
  • Lancy Lowrey, Chief Design Officer
  • Sharon Amezcua, Chief Growth Officer

The recurring video series is updated regularly and will help individual investors and commercial developers discover how modular and green building methods will change how we think about construction, energy, sustainability, and our impact on the world.


Sample of S2A Modular Minute Topics


What is Modular Construction?

The S2A team explains the benefits of modular construction as a cost-efficient alternative to traditional building methods. Modular construction capitalizes on assembly line principles, producing standardized elements or modules of a structure in a controlled, off-site factory, then assembling the components onsite.

Advantages of Building Modular

Learn why modular is rapidly becoming the top choice in fast, cost-effective and energy efficient construction.

  • Speed – Modular is faster than traditional builds.
  • More Economical – Modular capitalizes on factory efficiencies and assembly line processes to reduce costs.
  • Higher Quality/Built Stronger – Modular homes built to advanced engineering specs inside a quality-controlled factory yield superior strength compared to many site built homes.
  • No Delays Due to Weather – Since 90% of a modular home is built off site there is less of a chance for damage or delays as a result of inclement weather.
  • Safety, Security and Simplicity – Modular off-site construction reduces theft and vandalism at a job site, provides a single location for skilled contractors to travel to and work, and offers a convenient and streamlined inspection process.

Types of Modular Construction

Modular construction is adaptable to multiple types of structures: single-family luxury homes, multi-family apartments, schools, hospitals, office buildings, and mixed-use spaces.

Organic Building Materials

S2A Modular’s GreenLux homes emphasize the incorporation of advanced organic-based materials and green building principles that offer sustainable characteristics while also elevating the overall construction to meet rising structural and efficiency standards.

Connected Home/Li-Fi

Home connectivity is reaching new heights with LiFi technology, which only uses a light source to transmit data, and the Internet of Things. S2A is ahead of the curve in integrating these new technologies and has created a proprietary app that allows users to control and optimize more of their smart home devices from a single location.

Off-Grid and Net Zero Technology

A signature of S2A’s GreenLuxHome is a fully sustainable, net zero energy building that can generate all the energy it needs through industry-leading solar panel and battery storage technology. The S2A GreenLuxHome will feature the world’s only patented graphene solar panel, marked by temperature-immune performance with virtually no degradation.


The Future of Construction is Modular

In addition to covering the practical building advantages of modular construction, the S2A team follows and examines the latest McKinsey Report: The Next Normal in Construction which outlines the market trends, opportunities and challenges facing the industry.

McKinsey Report

A sub-series of the S2A Modular Minute is dedicated to the McKinsey Report, covering high-level summaries: a product-based approach, specialization, value chain control, consolidation, consumer-centric and branding, investment tech, human resources, internationalization, and sustainability.

Investing in Modular

The popularity of modular construction is growing. S2A is making it easy for investors to join the movement to create more sustainable, efficient and economical building practices.


If you’re looking to learn more about modular construction or have a suggestion for the next Modular Minute, please contact our S2A Modular energy experts.