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Multifamily Homes

 Multi Family 1

 Duplex - 1,125 Total Sq. Ft. | Each Unit - 562.5 Sq. Ft.

 Multi Family 2

Duplex - 4,290 Total Sq. Ft. | Each Unit - 2,145 Sq. Ft. 

 Multi Family 3

Duplex - 3,146 Total Sq. Ft. | Each Unit - 1,573 Sq. Ft.  

 Multi Family 4

78,055 sq ft living space

 #GreenLuxHome Multi Family 5

 4,180 Sq. Ft.

Note: Depictions of our predesigned #GreenLuxHome models or other features are for illustrative purposes only. The rendering may depict options, upgrades or features that are available at an additional cost.  All home designs and floor plans are the property of S²A Modular.