We are driving a true paradigm shift in how world-class homes, hotels and commercial structures are built. No longer is it necessary to site build͟ a home on location to achieve the same, if not a higher level of quality and designer aesthetics.

Dedicated Work Pods

S²A Modular’s one-of-a-kind 100,000-plus sq./ft. MegaFactory allows all the same work that traditionally would have been completed outside in the elements, to be completed in dedicated work pods in an air-conditioned and better controlled environment to elevate build quality.

Tesla PowerPack & Solar

S²A Modular’s state-of-the-art mega factory is also powered by solar and Tesla’s PowerPack. Clean energy home construction is now being powered by clean energy itself. 

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Our partners are what make this new standard in homebuilding the absolute best in the world. Industry-leading companies build and provide the highest-end materials that translate into finished structures that are second-to-none in style, quality and smart energy self-sufficiency.