S²A Modular

The first electrically self-sustaining, custom luxury homes are changing the way the world understands residential buildings – creating a new standard in stylish design, construction speed, tailor-made features with high-end materials, “surplus energy income” (Net Zero) and smart-connected living.

From constructing the latest in Tesla Powerwall-charged designer homes, full communities, commercial buildings to world-class hotels, S²A Modular’s stunning MegaFactory is a one-of-a-kind manufacturing center, producing impeccable structures that usher in a new era in better building and living. No more energy bills. Faster construction. Immediately higher home value compared with traditional “site-built” structures.

Model 15 - Interior 4

Corporate Officers

  • John Rowland
    John Rowland
    President & Co-Founder
  • Brian Kuzdas
    Brian Kuzdas
    CEO & Co-Founder
  • Larry Braden
    Larry Braden
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Dean DeLisle
    Dean DeLisle
    Chief Marketing Officer/EVP Investor Relations
  • Ryan Leusch
    Ryan Leusch
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Lance Lowrey
    Lance Lowrey
    Chief Design Officer
  • Gary Eagleton
    Gary Eagleton
    Chief Operations Officer
  • Sharon Amezcua
    Sharon Amezcua
    Chief Growth Officer


  • Weiwei Chen
    Weiwei Chen
    Director of International Investor Relations
  • Ruben DeSantiago
    Ruben DeSantiago
    Director of Business Development
  • Catherine O’Connor
    Catherine O’Connor
    Director of Investor Relations
  • Bekah Lloyd
    Bekah Lloyd
    Director of Sales Operations
  • Lauren Rowland
    Lauren Rowland
    Land Acquisition Director
  • Ashley Rowland
    Ashley Rowland
    Real Estate Acquisitions and Dispositions Director
  • Bryan Stancil
    Bryan Stancil
    Director of Construction
  • Jonny Kuzdas
    Jonny Kuzdas
    Director of National Expansion
  • Yanik Gozlan
    Yanik Gozlan
    Information Technology Director
  • Gina Hansen
    Gina Hansen
    Director of Feasibility
  • Tory Hootselle
    Tory Hootselle
    Director of the Electrical Division
  • Edward Stennis
    Edward Stennis
    Director of Plumbing

Managers and Team Members

  • Alec Marciano
    Alec Marciano
    Contractor/Certified Installer Relations Manager
  • Damien Cabral
    Damien Cabral
    Vendor Relations Manager
  • Maureen Nesbitt
    Maureen Nesbitt
    Midwest Sales Manager
  • Nicole Surber
    Nicole Surber
    Northern California Sales Manager
  • Nate Klein
    Nate Klein
    Investor Relations Associate
  • Jessica Davis
    Jessica Davis
    Senior Accountant
  • Leslie Benitez
    Leslie Benitez
    Investor Relations Representative

Business Development Partners

  • Wil Weir
    Wil Weir
    Co-Founder Pure Properties Enterprises


  • Mike Caudill
    Mike Caudill
    President and CEO - DRIVEN360
  • Rob Knoll
    Rob Knoll
    Chief Operations Officer - DRIVEN360
  • Andrew de Lara
    Andrew de Lara
    EVP for Strategic Communication & Brand Marketing - DRIVEN360
  • Cheyenne Mejia
    Cheyenne Mejia
    Senior Marketing and Social Media Manager - DRIVEN360
  • Harrison Noble
    Harrison Noble
    Public Relations Account Executive - DRIVEN360
  • Mohamed Kastiro
    Mohamed Kastiro
    Chief Executive Officer FreeVolt USA
  • Lukasz Nowinski
    Lukasz Nowinski
    Founder and CEO FreeVolt Group
  • Dariusz Zamroczynski
    Dariusz Zamroczynski
    Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer FreeVolt Group
  • Jeremy Roos
    Jeremy Roos
    Chief Revenue Officer - FreeVolt USA
  • Bartosz Makas
    Bartosz Makas
    Chief Operations Officer FreeVolt USA
  • Chris Wheeler
    Chris Wheeler
    President – Ignite Design & Advertising, Inc.
  • Valerie Blaze
    Valerie Blaze
    Director of Client Solutions – Ignite Design & Advertising, Inc.
  • Ryan Holland
    Ryan Holland
    3D/Digital Art Director – Ignite Design & Advertising, Inc.
  • Melvin Vinluan
    Melvin Vinluan
    Webmaster – Ignite Design & Advertising, Inc.