S²A Modular

The first electrically self-sustaining, custom luxury homes are changing the way the world understands residential buildings – creating a new standard in stylish design, construction speed, tailor-made features with high-end materials, “surplus energy income” (Net Zero) and smart-connected living.

From constructing the latest in Tesla Powerwall-charged designer homes, full communities, commercial buildings to world-class hotels, S²A Modular’s stunning MegaFactory is a one-of-a-kind manufacturing center, producing impeccable structures that usher in a new era in better building and living. No more energy bills. Faster construction. Immediately higher home value compared with traditional “site-built” structures.

Model 10 - 2,825 sq. ft. 2 Story – 4 Bedroom, 2 ½ Bath, Private Mast. retreat w/ covered porch - Modern

Executive Team

Headshot - John Rowland - Apr 2020

John Rowland

President & Co-Founder

John Rowland is the president and co-founder of S²A Modular. A visionary with a passion for designing homes, hotels, and multi-family buildings to a new standard of sustainability– John’s career had focused on land entitlement, land development and development feasibility analysis.  In most recent years, he has shifted to a primary focus of engineering the most advanced self-sufficient homes in the world – paving the way to his success in building the second off-grid Tesla Powerwall-powered smart home in the United States.

Since 1997, John has kept his pulse on home buying and home building trends. During this time, he has designed and engineered projects, secured prime buildable land and developed custom residential projects throughout southern California. He has spent years perfecting the entitlement process now enhanced with the modular state approval process which streamlines S²A Modular’s processing abilities. This process can take 12 months of processing time and cut in half.

As president and cofounder, John takes and cultivates vendor and supplier relations to ensure S²A maintains the best pricing and product selection, as well as vetting and handling contract negotiations with sub-contractors. Because of the strong relationships created during this process it has allowed John to secure exclusive contracts with suppliers such as FreeVolt Solar from Poland one of S²A’s key sustainability partners. John is never happy with off-the-shelf components, and in many cases he challenges the top engineers in the world to build to his desired spec positioning S²A as industry leaders in sustainability and organic building materials.

With a steadfast focus on engineering and building the most energy-efficient, renewable-energy smart homes, hotels, and multi-family buildings both domestically and internationally, John works to change the way homes are built inside and out utilizing low voltage components and organic building materials  while achieving not only a Net Zero energy rating John’s newest line of sustainable engineered homes are actually “Net Positive” a term like “GREENLUX” coined by the S²A Team.

Born and raised in Orange, California, John embraced the art of home building at a young age, learning from his father who built spec homes in Southern California.  Shaping his career as a real estate developer, John attributes his expertise, successes and work ethic to his father Marvin Rowland.

In 2002, John moved from Orange County to Murrieta to entitle and develop land in the Inland Empire while training his two daughters, Lauren and Ashley, to carry on his legacy. John is a licensed real estate Broker in the state of California, a Licensed GC in the state of California and the premier engineer for energy-efficient homes in the state.

Brian Kuzdas

Brian Kuzdas

CEO & Co-Founder

Brian Kuzdas is the chief executive officer of S²A Modular. As a self-made entrepreneur, business visionary and successful team builder, he began his real estate career by specializing in commercial sales in 1985. Five years later, Brian opened his own company, Brookshire Investments, a boutique commercial office, which represented retail and multi-family projects in the Chicago metropolitan area.

Throughout his career, Brian has been part of several commercial real estate ventures. From 1997-2006, Brian served in an acquisition role purchasing more than $350M in Chicago real estate and converting 4,000+ apartments into condos through his condo brokerage firm, OwnACondo.com. Brian leveraged the OwnACondo.com name by placing it in Wrigley Field and US. Cellular (home of the Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox at the time) in addition to having it on hundreds of expressway billboards, radio & TV making it a household name throughout the Chicago metro area.

The housing-crisis of 2008 caused Brian to shift his priorities and use his unique expertise to help various banks auction foreclosure portfolios (REOs). In 2010, after learning extensively about the liquidation process, Brian purchased the domain RealEstateAuctions.com (REA) and by 2016, has been able to expand the company to more than 93 counties in 14 states across the U.S.

While expanding his focus to include buying and auctioning other types of properties, Brian met John Rowland, CEO of Rowland Development, in April 2018 and started discussing the concept of building efficient modular homes. Together, they developed S²A Modular and today are involved in expanding the S2A brand to 35 factory locations in North America with projections of building 35,000 units+ annually by 2025.

Larry Braden

Larry Braden

Chief Financial Officer

Larry Braden is Chief Financial Officer of S²A Modular with more than 25 years of diverse consulting and corporate finance experience. As CFO for S²A Modular, he supervises all S²A Modular’s financial functions including accounting, auditing, corporate finance, investor relations and capital raises. Using his comprehensive background in raising capital for several different types of companies across a wide variety of industries, Larry is leading efforts for corporate and individual investors, as well as S²A Opportunity Zone investors.

Prior to joining S²A Modular, he was the U.S. Market Director for the International Stock Exchange Group and ILOCX.com, served as a contracted CFO for Early Growth Financial Services in the greater Seattle area, and was the founder and managing director of Charter Business Brokers he merged with Keller Williams as one of the largest business brokers in Washington state. He has more than 20 years of experience as a commercial and residential real estate broker and launched Braden Realty as a residential brokerage specialist in Sacramento.

Larry has had a significant impact in several of his positions throughout his career. While serving as a senior associate at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, he was instrumental signing AXA Advisors as a major account to help them resolve a $1B shortfall in financing for more than 200 films across all major film studios, generating $3M in revenue. He was also the key witness for helping his client win a $30M settlement with Village Roadshow. A few years later, Larry was chosen to join Vulcan Inc., Paul Allen’s investment company, where he worked as the director of finance and controller, media. He developed financial reporting and oversaw accounting for Vulcan’s media segment of 42 business units, including its films and other Vulcan entities, the Allen Institute for Brain Science, Experience Music Project, and the Science Fiction Museum. He regards Paul as one of the most brilliant men of his time, and was honored to work alongside of him.

Some of his other notable finance roles include working as the senior director of finance for Universal Music Group’s e-business divisions in Santa Monica, a corporate accounting manager for Time Warner in Burbank, and a senior operations auditor at Paramount Pictures in Hollywood.

Larry is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA-inactive) and a designated real estate broker in both California and Washington. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Southern California and a Master of Business Administration in Marketing and Strategy from the UCLA Anderson School of Management.

Gary Eagleton

Gary Eagleton

Chief Operations Officer

Gary Eagleton is the Chief Operations Officer for S²A Modular and has more than 35 years of experience in operations, plant management and modular building production of custom, residential, commercial, multi-family, schools and specialty units. He is a established leader and professional in industrial production, design, engineering, problem solving, customer relations, safety, quality assurance, human resources, and multiple location supervision.

As COO, Gary leads all S²A Modular factory setups, and has already designed the factory layout and operational processes for both of S²A Modular’s California factories in Hemet and Patterson. This process includes determining building requirements, production line needs, equipment and movement of modules, establishment of quality control processes, material storage and offline fabrication areas. Gary has a comprehensive understanding of buildings and building-systems and can quickly recognize potential issues so that require prompt, innovative solutions.

Prior to joining S²A Modular, Gary served as a business manager for Goodwin Knight/Key Structures LLC in Colorado Springs, Colo., where he established an offsite construction facility and developed specific manufacturing techniques, asset utilization methods and communications systems for the facility. Gary also served as the production manager for Champion Home builders in York, Neb. where he delivered an 80-unit complex and multistory commercial unit for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. As a production manager for Champion, he increased production rates by 50 percent over a six-month period.

Dean crop 2

Dean DeLisle

Chief Marketing Officer

Dean DeLisle, is the Chief Marketing Officer for S²A Modular. With an extensive background with large corporations and as an entrepreneur, he is responsible for all of S²A Modular’s marketing functions which include branding, public relations, social media, lead generation and the S²A Modular website. Dean learned early in his career that hard work and motivation were key ingredients to success. He also learned the value of forging relationships with colleagues and customers to create a powerful network.

Leveraging his network, he started his career in technology with Merrill Lynch in Chicago in data center operations at the Board of Trade. Within three years, Dean opened his own technology firm developing apps and solutions for various industries including banking, finance, insurance and real estate.

Advancements in technology and the internet caused him to shift his focus to front office operations, specifically marketing solutions like CRM and early Marketing Automation. He later added web design, more advanced automation and digital lead generation to his list of professional services. During this time, he also provided his clients integrated advertising solutions across radio, television, print and outdoor. In 1994, Dean founded tech company Delcom System which provided hardware and telecommunication services, in addition to expanding his CRM services to call center solutions that handled both inbound and outbound calls for companies like such as Sears, Discover, Blue Cross, State Farm, Citi Corp and others.

In 2003, Dean transitioned his focus to digital marketing, CRM and the newest of evolution in social media on new platforms like LinkedIn. Dean then founded Forward Progress, a Chicago-based social media and influencer marketing company which provides integrated marketing solutions via a proven digital thought-leadership methodology, consistently driving clients’ business growth. Then in 2012, Dean launched the leading Influencer Development Platform called Social Jack™ to providing training and equip organizations and professionals to accelerate their digital influence. The core of the curriculum is “social teaming”—a unique system created by Dean. Using its proven influencer methodology, Social Jack guides organizations to humanize their brands using employees, partners, and connected advocates.

Dean is a highly sought-after speaker who brings his expertise, enthusiasm and energetically drive to his popular B2B influencer-themed podcast, The Influence Factory. Dean’s recent book FIRST, The Street Guide to Digital Business Influence, contains a proven step-by-step formula for business professionals to fuel thought leadership and recognition in their industries.

Lance Lowrey

Lance Lowrey

Chief Design Officer

From small-scale beginnings with Terrace Homes in Central Wisconsin, Lance Lowrey is accomplished and renowned for his custom modular design expertise, for both residential and commercial real estate sectors. His home designs and architectural masterpieces can be found coast to coast in the United States and in Canada.

For twenty-four years, Lance has established his career as a design and engineering manager, and business owner/consultant. Hands-on from the start, Lance has systematized construction methodology in manufacturing plants to expedite the building process, shorten lead times, and eliminate materials waste. He has helped develop and implement a CAD system enabling engineers and architects to frame buildings before production.

Lance has left no stone unturned, having worked on tiny homes, classrooms, large custom homes, professional office buildings, churches, apartment buildings, residential neighborhood subdivisions, and hotels. Consistent with the community outreach of our Leadership, Lance worked for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Small Business Administration as a post-disaster home inspector. His generosity with his time and experience illustrates his indiscriminate reach and extensive capacity to meet all design needs.

For S²A Lance’s curriculum vitae is commensurate with the company’s vision to build high-efficiency homes using modular construction. Lance is instrumental to the Executive Team and will help troubleshoot, devise, and tighten the entire modular construction process from inception to completion.

Lance is one of the best-known and most highly respected modular home designers in the United States. Lance loves to engage in his creativity and articulation in the modular design process and likens this to putting a puzzle together. His pièce de résistance is a home he and an architect designed and built in Lake Tahoe, California, for Gary Erickson, Owner and Founder of CLIF BAR®.

Lance and his wife Stephanie have two grown daughters, Keira and Jordan, and a grandson named Roman. Lance and Stephanie live with their two dogs, Catalina and Autograph, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Lance is an avid collector of high-end sports memorabilia.

Ryan Leusch

Ryan Leusch

Chief Technology Officer

Ryan Leusch is the Chief Technology Officer for S²A Modular. He was born with an intrinsic fascination for technology, and with more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Ryan’s passion and knowledge has driven his success. He has had significant roles in a variety of projects throughout Southern California – ranging from small residential designs to large commercial designs. He specializes in renewable business development and is an expert in combining the smartest, greenest and most superior solutions in the industry.

In 1995, Ryan launched Affordable PC, a small computer service and repair company while working to attain his AA in Computer Science. Affordable PC quickly grew to become a computer network leader in Orange County. After six years of running and growing the business, Ryan sold his client base and moved to Temecula, CA where he helped pioneer managed network services in Southwest Riverside County and North San Diego – from there, Temecula Technologies was born.

Ryan was able to recognize the extensive benefits of energy efficiencies and smart-home technologies, leading him to obtain his BS in telecommunications management. He began programming Crestron Smart Homes and merging renewable energy solutions in homes and businesses, saving his clients thousands of dollars. With close-knit relationships with world-renowned vendors and suppliers, Ryan creates large-volume sales which ensure the best and most competitive pricing in the industry.

As CTO, Ryan constantly reviews all legislation related to technology on a daily basis to quickly implement the latest improvements in products and services. He is a regular attendee at all top industry trade shows and using his large network of colleagues, he contributes to several thought leadership user groups and industry think tanks.

Ryan is a team builder with the unique ability to educate clients and communicate effectively throughout the duration of a project. In addition to this, his keen attention to detail and transparent communication has established him as the consistently referred and recommended choice for colleagues and customers alike.


Rosalie Oquist

Rosalie Oquist

Chief Sales Officer

Rosalie Oquist is the chief sales officer for S²A Modular and has more than 26 years of experience in buying, selling, and investing in real estate. She is a licensed real estate broker and accomplished real estate recruiter, trainer, team leader and coach.

Rosalie leads the sales strategy for S²A Modular by developing and implementing growth- and sales-revenue standards while also providing the necessary oversight and management of the sales team's daily operations. She has recruited, trained, and coached thousands of agents across the country and is passionate about helping agents grow their businesses by focusing on creating “exceptional client experiences.” Rosalie brought that same passion to S²A Modular and is using her experience to ensure her team meets the company’s aggressive sales goals.

Prior to joining S²A Modular, Rosalie served as the CEO/Team Leader of Keller Williams Realty in several market areas around the Pacific Northwest area, as well as Southern California, Iowa, Las Vegas, and Vail Colorado.

Achieving the coveted title of Mega Real Estate Agent, she prides herself on building lasting relationships with her clients by educating them about the entire purchasing process and working hard to meet their individual goals and expectations. She has expertise in luxury home sales, new construction, custom home sales, residential resale, investment properties and commercial sales. She has also owned a residential construction company.

Rosalie was introduced to real estate as a child, learning about both sides of the industry from her parents. Her father worked in construction and her mother worked as a real estate agent. Rosalie has an Associate of Arts in Fashion Merchandising & Interior Design from Miss Wade’s Fashion Merchandising & Interior Design, and an Associate of Arts in Marketing from Oklahoma State University.

Ruben Desantiago

Ruben DeSantiago

Director of Business Development

Ruben DeSantiago is the Director of Business Development for S²A Modular. As an investment partner consultant and realtor, Ruben is an all-around knowledgeable seasoned business owner, realtor and tradesman.  He has an excellent understanding of the fundamentals of land acquisition, financing, business, construction specialties, entitlement, development, build-out completions and sell offs.

As a southern California native, Ruben is well educated and knowledgeable on local areas and markets. His journey in the industry began in 1997 as a commercial construction union carpenter working with Kiewit Pacific Co., one of the biggest construction companies in the world with job sites globally. Kiewit Pacific Co. gave him a unique, coveted experience in building megastructures. Ruben’s main focus was on environmental water supply and renewable energy construction projects.

While working with Kiewit Pacific Co., Ruben was attending the Union Carpenters Joint Venture Apprenticeship Program and Trust. Prior to working union, he was enrolled in the Association of General Contractors of America Apprenticeship program. These experiences lend him a competitive edge with a profound education of the industry.

Ruben began practicing real estate as a new licensee in 2002 and after training with a top realtor, he decided to venture on his own, earning various awards with Prudential California Real Estate. In 2004 he also added mortgage, hard money and refi's into his credentials at New Key Lending & Mortgage.

When the real estate market dropped from 2006 -2008, Ruben devoted his time to his passion for cars. This quickly inspired Ruben to open his own independent automotive dealership, DeSanti Motors LLC., in addition to a property preservation company specifically catering to bank-owned properties.

Being an entrepreneur in the automotive industry, Ruben used his innovative personality and mindset to develop new ways to reduce fuel expenses for company vehicles and equipment.  He successfully created his own hydrogen generators, while looking for ways to provide power supply for electrical tools through inverters and small, personal battery power packs and gas-powered generators.

In 2009 he opened two more corporations, R&D Acquisitions Inc. and Foreclosure Resolutions Inc., both specializing in real estate acquisitions and investment services for foreclosures, short sales and bank-owned REO properties.

Ruben began working real-estate auctions and selling residential homes with John Rowland at Real Estate Auction Service in 2012, while still working in general retail real estate. This is also when Rowland Development was beginning to implement the construction and development of smart home projects. Discussions with John Rowland on the electrical power and battery storage and usage with solar panels further evolved into creating and implementing a solar company using the best products available on the market.

Project Manager

Lucy Martinez

Project Manager

Lucille (Lucy) Martinez is a project manager for S²A Modular and works directly with both co-founders John Rowland and Brian Kuzdas on the development of the S²A factory, Bahia Village and other S²A Modular projects. She is in charge of managing the various agencies and subcontractors working with S²A to ensure milestones are being achieved, as well as submitting plans, working with local and federal agencies on regulatory and compliancy matters, and confirming the completion of various tasks. Previously, Lucy worked for Lockheed Aircraft for five years in its planning and subcontracts departments where she developed her passion for project management. She has honed her project management skills as previously a co-owner of a concrete pumping company and working at prominent Residential and Commercial development companies in civil engineering, and well known leading homebuilders as well as managing tenant improvements for Fashion Island and Benihana in Ontario, Calif. She is a member of the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) and holds a County of Orange California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) certification. Lucy has two sons.


Weiwei Chen

Director of International Investor Relations

Weiwei Chen brings a strong background in the start-up sphere combined with her Business Administration in Management from San Jose State University. She began with founding a company akin to Craigslist specifically for WeChat users, providing a platform of human capital and resources to one billion users worldwide. Weiwei’s second venture is in the restaurant business, opening in May 2017, an Asian establishment in the Fremont/Newark Tri-City.

As Director of Investor Relations, Weiwei will service the Company in multi-faceted ways. She’ll bridge her APAC clients to investment opportunities in the Bay Area, develop the Company’s network, work with venture capital firms to understand their needs and travel to symposiums to widen her reach.

Weiwei’s primary language is Mandarin and can speak English fluently as well. Weiwei is based in Palo Alto, California and in her spare time competes in Chinese dance and enjoys hot pot.

Bekah Lloyd

Bekah Lloyd

Administrative Operations Director

Bekah Lloyd is the Administrative Operations Director for S2A Modular and has more than 20 years of experience in communications, administration, and project management. She brings an extensive background in developing company-wide policies for training purposes, managing day-to-day operations and specializes in executive administrative planning and coordination.

As Administrative Operations Director, Bekah leads the administrative operations for S2A Modular by developing critical administrative policies that meet all local, state, and federal administrative guidelines. She is also responsible for ensuring company-wide goals are met as part of the overall strategy for operations.

Bekah relies on her strong communication skills and compassionate guidance to create internal training programs designed to increase efficiency at S2A Modular. She is no stranger to working in a fast-paced, results-driven environment and leverages her organizational and decision-making skills to ensure all deadlines are met without complications.

Prior to joining S2A Modular, Bekah has held several administrative positions across a variety of industries ranging from working as an Executive Assistant to the CEO of Alf Service Company, to a Development Coordinator for Business Relationship Management (BRM) Institute. She also worked in project management for Charter Construction, Inc. and as a member of its Specialty Projects team, helped to develop project budgets, proposals and contracts.

Bekah studied business administration and management at the University of Oregon and Portland State University. She finds refreshment in life by dancing, traveling and writing.

Headshot - Lauren Rowland-thumbnail

Lauren Rowland

Land Acquisition Director

Lauren is the land acquisition director for S²A Modular and is an integral part of with the company’s real estate acquisitions and disposition team. In her role, she researches and identifies new properties and land that meet the standards for internal S²A projects and developments, as well as real estate for opportunity zone projects and future MegaFactory locations. Lauren also works directly with the escrow and title departments of S²A Modular to ensure all various components of the acquisitions meet specific deadlines and are processed accurately.

What Lauren enjoys most about her position at S²A Modular is the detailed research required to find properties, and then the work needed to determine the best type of project for the property. She is also very passionate about the S²A Modular Opportunity Zone fund and how it is being used to revitalize economically distressed cities and towns throughout the nation.

Following in her father and grandfather’s footsteps, Lauren is a third-generation developer who has been able to capitalize on what she has learned about the real estate industry to strengthen her role as land acquisition director. She has been this position since early 2019 and prior to that, Laruen worked as a feasibility study research analyst for Santa Rosa Development Consultants, LLC.

Lauren is pursuing a degree in psychology, is a licensed notary public in California, and holds an Oregon real estate brokerage license. She spent most of her life in southern California but has recently relocated to Bend, Ore. with her boyfriend and one-year-old Dachshund puppy.

Headshot - Damien Cabral

Damien Cabral

Vendor Relations Manager

Damien Cabral is the vendor relations manager for S²A Modular. In his role, he manages all vendor relationships and partnerships which includes all daily communication with technology manufacturers and suppliers that provide raw materials and finished goods to S²A Modular. Much of Damien’s day is spent working closely with new and existing product manufacturers, suppliers and other companies to ensure each of these companies can meet the critical demands of S²A Modular’s production schedule and quality control standards. Damien is also a crucial component to the company’s search for cutting-edge materials and technologies to ensure #GreenLuxHomes are the most sustainable and advanced smart homes and commercial properties on the market.

Damien’s passion for his job lies in S²A Modular’s mission of producing the world’s most electrically self-sustaining, advanced custom luxury homes and commercial properties in the world. Moreover, he realizes the positive impact of electrical vehicles and other renewable energy products and works closely with co-founder John Rowland to bring these technologies to the company’s finished homes and commercial structures.

With more than two years of logistics operations at the Target Corporation, he has used that experience to further enhance his ability to manage S²A Modular vendors on several different levels. Damien’s experience has helped him reinforce the importance of maintaining high-quality vendor relationships to ensure vendors are able to support the manufacturing process. Damien produces an ever-changing PDF catalog of both standard equipment and options which is crucial for the S²A sales team.

Headshot - Alec Marciano_Lowres

Alec Marciano

Contractor/Certified Installer Relations Manager

Alec Marciano is the contractor/certified installer relations manager for S²A Modular. As the contractor/certified installer relations manager, he is directly responsible for carefully screening all potential installers and contractors to ensure they meet S²A Modular’s requirements which includes checking references, license status and experience in their industry. Alec is also responsible for scheduling all new certified installers and contractors for training certification with S²A Modular. The certified S²A installer certification program is the most advanced hands on certification in the modular industry. Alec is responsible to ensure all of S²A’s certified installers have the skills and knowledge to make a seamless transition from our S²A Mega-Factory to final install at your site. Our contractor partners are also required to work with Alec to ensure they undergo the extensive training necessary to install S²A homes to the quality standards appointed by S²A corporate offices.

As part of the S²A Modular team, Alec’s passion and drive comes from seeing families realize their dream homes through the vision of S²A Modular and its line of green luxury homes. His role in managing contractors and certified installers has given him an in-depth understanding of how S²A Modular is changing the paradigm of home ownership and how it is helping make that dream more accessible across the country.

Alec’s previous position was working as a project manager for Rowland Development in Murrieta, Calif., and prior to that, he spent six years as a manager of window cleaning crews at a professional window cleaning company in San Diego.

While working at Rowland Development, Alec began studying land entitlement and project management. As the youngest of three brothers and sisters, he currently lives in Bend, Ore. and spends his free time hiking, camping and fishing.

Headshot - Ashley Rowland

Ashley Rowland

Real Estate Acquisitions and Dispositions Director

Ashley Rowland plays a key role in the real estate acquisitions and disposition department for S²A Modular. Ashley’s day to day functions related to the company’s land acquisition transactions include working with company President John Rowland on site locations throughout the United States for upcoming projects. The process of locating sites which will be feasible to develop utilizing one of S²A’s proprietary platforms is crucial to the growth of the branded communities and projects associated with the S²A name. Ashley's understanding of zoning laws and regulations are used daily in her efforts to relate to local jurisdictions guidelines and policies. The items she discovers today will impact the sale of various pieces of property to ensure developments can be started and completed on time. She handles key communications with escrow and title companies to ensure S²A Modular real estate transactions are processed efficiently and meet all the necessary requirements for the company.

Because a wide array of different S²A Modular project’s are ongoing in various stages Ashley must track each project and its status. Ashley assists with real estate transactions of residential and commercial projects, as well as Opportunity Zone projects, which require detailed administrative functions and transparency to investors, local, state and federal government agencies. Ashley also provides assistance for the acquisition of Mega-Factory properties, a key part of S²A Modular’s aggressive growth strategy.

Ashley’s passion for real estate development started by watching her father’s success and sitting ringside at construction projects, watching them go from concept to completion.  When given the opportunity, she never hesitated at the chance of both learning from her father, as well as work with a company that’s at the forefront of building revolutionary, sustainable properties.

She joins S²A Modular after gaining valuable administrative experience working for the Hallmark corporation. Ashley has also developed work experience by volunteering at a local elementary school where she helped manage after-school programs and understands how to be a team player after playing team sports at a high level for many years.

As a California Department of Real Estate licensed salesperson, she is currently attending college courses in real estate to expand her knowledge of the industry. Ashley will be one of the first agents to join the GreenLux Properties Team of professional's real estate agents in California. When not at work or school, Ashley enjoys cooking with her family and spending time at the beach with her favorite vacation place being Hawaii.

Headshot - Rob Grable

Rob Grable

Southwest Sales Manager

Rob Grable is the southwest sales manager for S²A Modular’s Southern California MegaFactory in Hemet, Calif. As a sales manager, he helps prospective S²A Modular home buyers and commercial clients develop the right solutions to meet their specific needs. Although Rob manages sales for the Southwestern portion of the United States, he also works closely with and assists other regional S²A sales managers.

He is a well-rounded, results-driven entrepreneur with a strong work ethic, traits he learned from his father. Together, they opened two successful companies – a pay phone and vending company, all before Rob turned 18. As co-owner of both companies, Rob began venturing into real estate, mortgage, and construction which is where he found his passion in business.

His expertise has been building strong customer relationships with his clients and truly understanding and caring about their wants and needs, and then using that information to find the perfect solution. His sales teams are focused, driven, and trained to understand their clients on a personal level. Each of his successes began with managing and training his sales team to excel above average expectations. This includes providing their customers with open lines of communication, the ability to always get in touch, and consistent updates on the progress of individual projects.

With more than 20 years in this industry, he has found a passion for smart homes that include new and evolving technology, especially off grid properties that use renewable energy sources like solar and home energy storage solutions.

Headshot - Maureen Nesbitt

Maureen Nesbitt

Midwest Sales Manager

Maureen Nesbitt is the Midwest sales manager for S²A Modular. Based in Chicago, she has been a real estate broker for 23 years and in her role as a sales manager, she is responsible for all sales operations within her geographical region as well as working closely with her sales representatives and potential S²A residential and commercial customers to determine needs and plan solutions that meets their needs and budget. Additionally, Maureen is responsible for onboarding, training and supervising all S²A sales representatives within her geographical region.

She began her career in 1997 when she sold her first project, a 30-unit condo conversion in Chicago. Following that sale of that property, she knew immediately that she had a passion for real estate. Prior to joining S²A Modular, Maureen spent more than six years as realtor and real estate broker for Coldwell Banker and several years with OwnACondo.com as a realtor, recruiter, condo specialist and buyers’ agent.

Maureen considers herself as a very understanding realtor who cares first and foremost about her current and prospective clients. Some of her success has come from a large network of referrals which are a result of hundreds of her satisfied clients.

Maureen’s basic business philosophy is to use her experience and dedication to the real estate industry to do the best job possible for her clients. One of her strengths is staying on top of the market and that strategy has resulted in several repeat buyers throughout the past 23 years. In today’s dynamic real estate market, she takes pride in covering all bases and always educates herself on various trends and uses that information to provide the highest level of customer service for her clients.

Headshot - Nicole Surber

Nicole Surber

Northern California Sales Manager

Nicole Surber is the Northern California Sales Manager for S2A Modular. Residing in Oakdale, Calif., she leads and supports a team of sales individuals in the acquisition and retention of long-term, quality clients for the company by innovating, quantifying, and orchestrating sales and after-market sales systems.

With more than 12 years of real estate experience, Nicole began working in the industry in 2008 as an assistant for a real estate agent. In that position, she dedicated herself to the industry and worked her way up, spending most of her early years as a transaction coordinator where she flawlessly executed more than 450 real estate transactions from listing properties to closing escrow, while obtaining her broker's license in 2012. She has extensive knowledge in evaluating properties and can quickly assess a home's value.

Prior to joining S2A Modular she traveled extensively, leading weekly educational seminars teaching others about the process of real estate investments. She and her co-workers taught others not only how to invest in real estate, but also how to change their mindset away from job-focused active income to wealth-building passive income. She really enjoyed her time helping others grow and remains passionate about her own personal growth and lifelong learning.

Nicole's pledge to her clients is providing excellent customer service, consistent communications, and meticulous attention to detail to ensure a positive experience for each sales relationship. As the sales manager, she oversees the sales team in her area helping her sales associates acquire and retain long term quality clients, and helping those clients realize the dream of luxury modular homeownership.

Nicole has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Marketing from California State University Stanislaus and a California Real Estate Broker’s license. When not at work, she loves fitness, spending time with her husband and family, and traveling.

S²A Modular Partners

Headshot - Joyce Ruba

Joyce S. Ruba

Chief Executive Officer

United Advocates Network

Joyce S. Ruba is the Chief Executive Officer of United Advocates Network who comes with a wealth of knowledge in senior health care.  A former California director of growth and development for Care Services Management.  Also, has experience as a national chief operation officer for a health and wellness corporation. Joyce’s “Being proactive versus reactive” approach on issues she witnessed in her career has positioned her to strategically partnered with S²A Modular to help support the company’s Give Back Program which is addressing the homeless crisis by providing “Sustainable Housing 1” structures designed in an effort to assist the homeless population including special programs for veterans. She is also working with S²A Modular President John Rowland on educating the 55 plus population on the benefits of residing at one of the Bahia Village communities. S²A is on a mission to build 350 Bahia Village Communities across the US. The first being in Riverside County near Murrieta California and consists of 71 affordable and sustainable detached one- and two-bedroom homes for active adults aged 55 and over.

In her role as a partner, she is meeting with city officials, leaders of various advocacy groups, veterans’ and philanthropic organizations to help lay the groundwork and begin addressing the growing housing crisis facing our nation through attainable, sustainable homes built by S²A Modular.

With her experience in business development and as an analytic problem-solver, Joyce is building a foundation through key relationships with several critical organizations to streamline the implementation process for attainable, sustainable homes in California cities and across the nation with the most severe housing shortages.

She has more than 10 years of healthcare industry experience where she consulted corporate staff members, executive directors, administrators, nursing directors, ombudsmen, and representatives with the Department of Social Services to discuss patient condition and medical care to help optimize treatments and enhance outcomes.

Joyce has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and sociology from San Jose State University and a certification of social services from Psychosocial Consultants in San Diego. She was one of eight chosen to address health care rights in Capitol Hill.  Joyce was also named San Diego Hometown Hero in 2019 and was the youngest director of Social Services in San Diego in 2010.

Headshot - Billy Troung - Cropped

Billy Truong

Chief Executive Officer

Generational Wealth

Billy Truong is the chief executive officer and founder of Generational Wealth, Leadership & Development and as a partner of S²A Modular, he is working to help promote and drive support for the company’s Give Back Program designed to provide “Sustainable Housing 1” structures to homeless families and veterans. A serious lack of affordable housing has created a vast increase in homelessness, so Billy is set to work with officials from affected cities and counties, as well as leaders from veterans and advocacy groups, to help better understand immediate housing needs. At the same time, he and will work with other S²A Modular partners to help enlist the support of philanthropic organizations and S²A Opportunity Zone investors to be able to tackle this issue head on. As an ambitious leader with a passion for helping and educating families reach their financial goals, Billy has the perfect skill set to help S²A Modular work with local leaders to reduce the number of homeless Americans in California and beyond.

Born and raised in San Diego, Billy majored in finance at San Diego State University and while attending classes, he recognized the extreme lack of personal financial education across this nation. He saw how the education system is teaching finance concepts with the expectation that everyone understands the financial system which is not always the case.

Billy’s vision as the CEO of Generational Wealth, is to bridge the financial gap between the middle class and the wealthiest families in America. He is building an organization of leaders to revolutionize the way financial education and services are being distributed which will help alleviate the housing crisis and make families more financially independent.

Headshot - Wil Weir

Wil Weir


Pure Properties Enterprises

Wil Weir is the co-founder of Pure Property Enterprises (PPE) which services some of the nation’s most well capitalized 501(c)(3) real estate developers, procuring off-market multifamily acquisitions and affordable housing development opportunities. PPE has worked with several prominent developers like the Cesar Chavez Foundation and Bay Vista Methodist Heights.

He has joined the S²A Modular team as a business development partner and will help guide the company’s strategy and work with non-profit and religious organizations.

One of his roles at PPE is advising religious organizations about strategies to develop their underutilized land. These strategies include developing housing for low income families, congregate care, and other multi-family concepts. Weir is especially passionate about these projects because of their multifaceted impact. They increase the availability of much needed affordable housing, allow churches to serve adjacent communities with their social services, and help churches relieve debt by generating revenue for their organizations.

During his free time, Weir serves the community as the President of the Ergátes for God, a 501(c)(3) organization and heads the Inner Pantry feeding ministry of Ergátes. He is also a dedicated Sunday School teacher and Bible study leader at his church where he runs a basketball ministry from the church campus. His dedication to his church continues through his leadership of study groups and feeding ministries at Right Path Recovery, a substance abuse organization.

Weir attended Pepperdine University where he graduated with bachelor’s degree in communications and was a standout athlete on the school’s NCAA basketball team. He is a widower with two wonderful teenagers, and feels especially privileged to serve God, his family, his friends and the local community.

Mike Caudill

President and CEO - DRIVEN360

Mike is the president and CEO of DRIVEN360, S²A Modular’s integrated marketing and communications agency of record. He has more than 20 years of public relations experience that includes working at two notable agencies, Hill+Knowlton Strategies and Burson Marsteller and owning his own PR agency. He personally oversees all strategy development and the execution of all communications activities for S²A Modular which has helped establish them as a leader in modular construction. With decades of collective PR experience, Mike and his team developed a comprehensive integrated marketing and communications plan to support the launch of S²A Modular and since, has greatly increased their visibility in the rapidly-expanding modular construction industry.

Robert Knoll

Chief Operations Officer - DRIVEN360

Robert is the Chief Operations Officer for DRIVEN360 and is also the integrated marketing and communications manager for the S²A Modular account. Working with DRIVEN360 for seven years, he has managed several of the agencies top accounts which includes S²A Modular. While leading S²A Modular’s integrated communications efforts, he and his team successfully executed several successful campaigns to help build brand awareness across a variety of mediums including social media.  Fifteen of Rob’s 20+ years of public relations experience were developed while serving on active duty with the United States Marine Corps.

Andrew de Lara

EVP for Strategic Communication & Brand Marketing  - DRIVEN360

Andrew is the EVP for strategic communication & brand marketing for DRIVEN360 and manages all brand and strategic communications for S²A Modular. Andrew joined DRIVEN360 after spending years as a key figure on the Sports & Entertainment Marketing-Global Media team at Oakley – integrating digital, social media, online editorial, global brand marketing and PR efforts. Having previously come from the Sprint Corporate Communications team, his diverse Integrated Marketing Communications expertise stretches across a variety of industries. With deep roots in public relations, de Lara began his career on the PR Team at the world-famous Los Angeles Lakers franchise – followed up by stints in the Entertainment business and PR/marketing agencies. More than 15 years of results is accentuated by his knack for creative writing.

Cheyenne Mejia

Senior Marketing and Social Media Manager - DRIVEN360

Cheyenne is the Senior Marketing and Social Media Manager at DRIVEN360. She oversees the social media strategy, content creation and execution for S²A Modular, bringing years of experience in creative roles to help further broaden the S²A Modular brand. Prior to working with DRIVEN360, Cheyenne worked at a well-known non-profit, helping to find a cure for one of the nation’s deadliest cancers. When she is not working, she is reading all the books, baking treats for her family and friends, watching sports, or running around town with her wild child six-year-old

Harrison Noble

Public Relations Account Executive - DRIVEN360

Harrison is a public relations account executive for DRIVEN360 and an account support/video editor for S²A Modular. While he has a passion for all things automotive, he is excited to support S²A Modular and their journey to become the leading manufacturer of GreenLuxHomes. Before joining DRIVEN360 and being assigned to the S²A Modular account, Harrison was a published journalist who has written thousands of articles in the digital automotive media world — from theory pieces to industry news and everything in between. He's had the pleasure of working alongside some of the biggest names in the automotive aftermarket during his tenure as a journalist and remains active in the industry as a freelance journalist for several publications.

Mohamed Kastiro - FreeVolt

Mohamed Kastiro

Chief Executive Officer

FreeVolt USA

Mohamed Kastiro is the CEO of FreeVolt USA and as one of the first employees at the company, he rose through the ranks to his current position. In his role as a strategic partner of S²A Modular, Mohamed oversees the relationship between the two companies to ensure the seamless integration between FreeVolt’s PV Graph™ solar energy solutions and S²A Modular residential and commercial buildings.

Since the beginning of the partnership, one of his priorities has been to ensure FreeVolt’s revolutionary PV Graph™ technology was a key component of S²A Modular homes and commercial properties. FreeVolt is the ONLY manufacturer and installer of PV Graph™ Technology operating in California and has revolutionized the solar industry with this technology.

Mohamed graduated from Fresno State with a degree in Kinesiology. He has worked in the solar industry for three years and heads up the front end of the business by specializing in business development, marketing and building lasting relationships with FreeVolt advocates.

Headshot Lukasz Nowinski

Lukasz Nowinski

Founder and CEO

FreeVolt Group

Lukasz Nowinski is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer for the FreeVolt Group and as a partner of S²A Modular, has held a critical role in developing and executing the company’s road map toward a greener future.

In his role with FreeVolt, Nowinski leads research and development, using his more than ten years of industry expertise to guide the company as create new technologies to help pursue a more sustainable environment. His focus on the renewable energy industry began in 2008, and he has since managed, developed and patented numerous technological solutions dedicated to energy efficiency.

Aside from his expertise in the field of renewable energy, Nowinski specializes in sales, finance and product management. He is also a recognized public speaker and the creator of the Integrated Business Partnership Model, a business strategy for building and expanding sales networks for vertically-integrated organizations.

Prior to his work with FreeVolt, he worked as the manager and founder of multiple companies in the banking and IT sector.

Headshot Dariusz Zarnroczynski

Dariusz Zamroczynski

Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer

FreeVolt Group

Dariusz Zamroczynski is the co-founder and chief operations officer for the FreeVolt Group. In his role as co-founder and chief operating officer, Zamroczynski is responsible for the global operations of the company.

He brings more than 12 years of operations and management experience to FreeVolt. His experience and leadership have been focused on risk management and operations management, and in his role he also manages the business of project development, engineering and the overall operations of solar PV systems. He also is responsible for the efficiency of business operations, and has successfully managed and completed key milestone investment projects.

Prior to co-founding the FreeVolt Group, Zamroczynski worked in law enforcement, specializing in risk management and operations management.

Headshot Bartosz Makas

Bartosz Makas

Chief Operations Officer

FreeVolt USA

Bartosz Makas is the Chief Operations Officer for FreeVolt USA and as a partner of S²A Modular, brings a deep understanding of the renewable energy market in the United States allowing him to strategically lead the execution of FreeVolt’s business operations.

Working closely with the executive team, Makas ensures the company-wide strategy and goals are being met and surpassed. His extensive management experience has given him the ability to spearhead new initiatives and easily lead his team as they pursue practices, policies and procedures in the pursuit of a greener future.

Makas has been in the renewable energy industry for six years, with several years of experience previously working in the real estate and media sector. Prior to stepping into his role at FreeVolt USA, Makas was a regional manager at Solar Direct Group where he was responsible for leading a team of salespeople, installers and all marketing personnel.

Jeremy Roos

Jeremy Roos

Chief Revenue Officer

FreeVolt USA

Jeremy Roos is the Chief Revenue Officer for FreeVolt USA and, as a partner of S²A Modular, has been a critical component to bringing FreeVolt technology to S²A Modular’s revolutionary style of modular construction.

Working closely with Ryan Leusch, John Rowland and others on the S²A Modular team, he has been at the center of combining S²A’s design of completely self-sufficient, off-grid, net-zero homes with his personal vision that every home and business should have the ability to generate, store, and trade their own electricity, with an overall goal of achieving 100% carbon-free, renewable energy across the United States.

Jeremy has been in sales and marketing for 24 years, with six years of experience in the solar industry. Prior to that he worked in real estate finance and has always been an entrepreneur.