S²A Modular

The first electrically self-sustaining, custom luxury homes are changing the way the world understands residential buildings – creating a new standard in stylish design, construction speed, tailor-made features with high-end materials, “surplus energy income” (Net Zero) and smart-connected living.

From constructing the latest in Tesla Powerwall-charged designer homes, full communities, commercial buildings to world-class hotels, S²A Modular’s stunning MegaFactory is a one-of-a-kind manufacturing center, producing impeccable structures that usher in a new era in better building and living. No more energy bills. Faster construction. Immediately higher home value compared with traditional “site-built” structures.

Model 10 - 2,825 sq. ft. 2 Story – 4 Bedroom, 2 ½ Bath, Private Mast. retreat w/ covered porch - Modern

Executive Team


John Rowland

President & Co-Founder

John Rowland is the president and co-founder of S²A Modular. A visionary with a passion for designing homes, communities and real estate – John’s career has focused on land entitlement, land development, and development feasibility analysis. In most recent years, he has shifted to a primary focus of engineering the most advanced self-sufficient homes in the world – paving the way to his success in building the second off-grid Tesla Powerwall-powered smart home in the United States.

Since 1997, John has kept his pulse on home buying and home building trends. During this time, he has designed and engineered projects secured prime buildable land and developed custom residential projects. He has produced over $15M in development projects in Southern California, with his 100 plus projects valued at over $50M.

As president and co-founder, John takes and cultivates vendor and supplier relations to ensure S²A maintains the best pricing and product selection, as well as vetting and handling contract negotiations with sub-contractors.

With a steadfast focus on engineering and building the most energy-efficient, renewable-energy smart homes both domestically and internationally, John works to change the way homes are built inside and out, while achieving a Net Zero energy rating.

Born and raised in Orange, California, John embraced the art of home building at a young age, learning from his father who built spec homes in Southern California. Shaping his career as a real estate developer, John attributes his expertise, successes and work ethic to his father.

In 2002, John moved from Orange County to Murrieta to entitle and develop land in the Inland Empire while training his two daughters, Lauren and Ashley, to carry on his legacy. John is a licensed real estate Broker in the state of California, a Licensed GC in the state of California and the premier engineer for energy-efficient homes in the state.


Brian Kuzdas

CEO & Co-Founder

Brian Kuzdas is the chief executive officer of S²A Modular. As a self-made entrepreneur, business visionary and successful team builder, he began his real estate career by specializing in commercial sales in 1985. Five years later, Brian opened his own company, Brookshire Investments, a boutique commercial office, which represented retail and multi-family projects in the Chicago metropolitan area.

Throughout his career, Brian has been part of several commercial real estate ventures. From 1997-2006, Brian served in an acquisition role purchasing more than $350M in Chicago real estate and converting 4,000+ apartments into condos through his condo brokerage firm, OwnACondo.com. Brian leveraged the OwnACondo.com name by placing it in Wrigley Field and US. Cellular (home of the Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox at the time) in addition to having it on hundreds of expressway billboards, radio & TV making it a household name throughout the Chicago metro area.

The housing-crisis of 2008 caused Brian to shift his priorities and use his unique expertise to help various banks auction foreclosure portfolios (REOs). In 2010, after learning extensively about the liquidation process, Brian purchased the domain RealEstateAuctions.com (REA) and by 2016, has been able to expand the company to more than 93 counties in 14 states across the U.S.

While expanding his focus to include buying and auctioning other types of properties, Brian met John Rowland, CEO of Rowland Development, and began discussing the concept of building efficient modular homes. Together, they developed S²A Modular and are now erecting a 140,000+ sq. ft. modular home factory to build 5,000 modular homes and 5,000 apartments/hotel units over the next five years.


Lance Lowrey

Modular Design

From small-scale beginnings with Terrace Homes in Central Wisconsin, Lance Lowrey is accomplished and renowned for his custom modular design expertise, for both residential and commercial real estate sectors. His home designs and architectural masterpieces can be found coast to coast in the United States and in Canada.

For twenty-four years, Lance has established his career as a design and engineering manager, and business owner/consultant. Hands-on from the start, Lance has systematized construction methodology in manufacturing plants to expedite the building process, shorten lead times, and eliminate materials waste. He has helped develop and implement a CAD system enabling engineers and architects to frame buildings before production.

Lance has left no stone unturned, having worked on tiny homes, classrooms, large custom homes, professional office buildings, churches, apartment buildings, residential neighborhood subdivisions, and hotels. Consistent with the community outreach of our Leadership, Lance worked for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Small Business Administration as a post-disaster home inspector. His generosity with his time and experience illustrates his indiscriminate reach and extensive capacity to meet all design needs.

For S²A Lance’s curriculum vitae is commensurate with the company’s vision to build high-efficiency homes using modular construction. Lance is instrumental to the Executive Team and will help troubleshoot, devise, and tighten the entire modular construction process from inception to completion.

Lance is one of the best-known and most highly respected modular home designers in the United States. Lance loves to engage in his creativity and articulation in the modular design process and likens this to putting a puzzle together. His pièce de résistance is a home he and an architect designed and built in Lake Tahoe, California, for Gary Erickson, Owner and Founder of CLIF BAR®.

Lance and his wife Stephanie have two grown daughters, Keira and Jordan, and a grandson named Roman. Lance and Stephanie live with their two dogs, Catalina and Autograph, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Lance is an avid collector of high-end sports memorabilia.

Ryan Leusch

Ryan Leusch

Business Development Director

Ryan Leusch is the Business Development Director for S2A Modular. He was born with an intrinsic fascination for technology, and with more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Ryan’s passion and knowledge has driven his success. He has had significant roles in a variety of projects throughout Southern California – ranging from small residential designs to large commercial designs. He specializes in renewable business development and is an expert in combining the smartest, greenest and most superior solutions in the industry.

In 1995, Ryan launched Affordable PC, a small computer service and repair company while working to attain his AA in Computer Science. Affordable PC quickly grew to become a computer network leader in Orange County. After six years of running and growing the business, Ryan sold his client base and moved to Temecula, CA where he helped pioneer managed network services in Southwest Riverside County and North San Diego – from there, Temecula Technologies was born.

Ryan was able to recognize the extensive benefits of energy efficiencies and smart-home technologies, leading him to obtain his BS in telecommunications management. He began programming Crestron Smart Homes and merging renewable energy solutions in homes and businesses, saving his clients thousands of dollars. With close-knit relationships with world-renowned vendors and suppliers, Ryan creates large-volume sales which ensure the best and most competitive pricing in the industry.

Ryan is a team builder with the unique ability to educate clients and communicate effectively throughout the duration of a project. In addition to this, his keen attention to detail and transparent communication has established him as the consistently referred and recommended choice for colleagues and customers alike.

Ruben Desantiago

Ruben DeSantiago

Sales Representative/Project Manager

Ruben DeSantiago is the sales representative project manager for S2A Modular. As an investment partner consultant and realtor, Ruben is an all-around knowledgeable seasoned business owner, realtor and tradesman.  He has an excellent understanding of the fundamentals of land acquisition, financing, business, construction specialties, entitlement, development, build-out completions and sell offs.

As a southern California native, Ruben is well educated and knowledgeable on local areas and markets. His journey in the industry began in 1997 as a commercial construction union carpenter working with Kiewit Pacific Co., one of the biggest construction companies in the world with job sites globally. Kiewit Pacific Co. gave him a unique, coveted experience in building megastructures. Ruben’s main focus was on environmental water supply and renewable energy construction projects.

While working with Kiewit Pacific Co., Ruben was attending the Union Carpenters Joint Venture Apprenticeship Program and Trust. Prior to working union, he was enrolled in the Association of General Contractors of America Apprenticeship program. These experiences lend him a competitive edge with a profound education of the industry.

Ruben began practicing real estate as a new licensee in 2002 and after training with a top realtor, he decided to venture on his own, earning various awards with Prudential California Real Estate. In 2004 he also added mortgage, hard money and refi's into his credentials at New Key Lending & Mortgage.

When the real estate market dropped from 2006 -2008, Ruben devoted his time to his passion for cars. This quickly inspired Ruben to open his own independent automotive dealership, DeSanti Motors LLC., in addition to a property preservation company specifically catering to bank-owned properties.

Being an entrepreneur in the automotive industry, Ruben used his innovative personality and mindset to develop new ways to reduce fuel expenses for company vehicles and equipment.  He successfully created his own hydrogen generators, while looking for ways to provide power supply for electrical tools through inverters and small, personal battery power packs and gas-powered generators.

In 2009 he opened two more corporations, R&D Acquisitions Inc. and Foreclosure Resolutions Inc., both specializing in real estate acquisitions and investment services for foreclosures, short sales and bank-owned REO properties.

Ruben began working real-estate auctions and selling residential homes with John Rowland at Real Estate Auction Service in 2012, while still working in general retail real estate. This is also when Rowland Development was beginning to implement the construction and development of smart home projects. Discussions with John Rowland on the electrical power and battery storage and usage with solar panels further evolved into creating and implementing a solar company using the best products available on the market.


Weiwei Chen

Director of Investor Relations

Weiwei Chen brings a strong background in the start-up sphere combined with her Business Administration in Management from San Jose State University. She began with founding a company akin to Craigslist specifically for WeChat users, providing a platform of human capital and resources to one billion users worldwide. Weiwei’s second venture is in the restaurant business, opening in May 2017, an Asian establishment in the Fremont/Newark Tri-City.

As Director of Investor Relations, Weiwei will service the Company in multi-faceted ways. She’ll bridge her APAC clients to investment opportunities in the Bay Area, develop the Company’s network, work with venture capital firms to understand their needs and travel to symposiums to widen her reach.

Weiwei’s primary language is Mandarin and can speak English fluently as well. Weiwei is based in Palo Alto, California and in her spare time competes in Chinese dance and enjoys hot pot.


Sunnie Li

Director of Business Development


Meng Lin

Construction Management & Budgeting


Sharon Cao

Director of International Relations