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From mixed-use structures and world-class hotels to entire #GreenLuxHome communities, S²A Modular is changing the face of commercial construction.

Three Story Commercial Mixed Use Property


Providing turnkey solutions that allow corporations and developers big and small to develop their projects quickly and efficiently. We’re eradicating the cost-efficiency challenges associated with traditional brick and mortar construction that requires multiple partners, vendors and longer timelines and higher budgets. S²A Modular keeps it all under one roof in our many 100,000-plus Sq. Ft. MegaFactories.

Commercial Office Building


BUILT AROUND TESLA POWERWALL TECHNOLOGY: Our scalable and stackable construction solutions take the project from zero to completion literally overnight. Unique to the industry, every S²A Modular construction project is powered by Tesla’s Powerwall, paired with solar delivering a new level of globe-leading electrical self-sufficiency.

Commercial Clinic


  • Have a specific need for a certain type of structure? No problem, we can design and build-out your grand vision, tailor-made with the highest levels of quality and craftsmanship.  
  • 100% Electrified and Sustainable: PV Graf solar systems and Tesla Powerwall technology makes each structure electrically self-sustainable 
  • High quality materials: Having constructed designer homes and world-class hotels alike, we’re guaranteeing a new standard in fit, finish and overall appearance – with finished elevations visually identical to “traditional” site-built structures.
  • Net-Zero: With each structure connected to the grid as a backup power source, not only will energy bills be eliminated…utility companies may eventually send a check to residents or your company for having contributed energy to the grid 
  • Off Grid Technology: S²A Modular is a leader in sustainability, specializing in engineering to be efficient off grid. 
  • Tons of options available - Incorporate the latest technologies into your project