If you're interested in getting involved with S²A and becoming an investor, please use the contact submission box below and someone from our team will contact you with more information.

Corporate Office

Brian Kuzdas

S²A Modular CEO

(650) 575-7025

John Rowland

S²A Modular President

(951) 760-4887

Online Webinar

If you’re not able to attend one of our upcoming seminars in person, you can learn more about S2A Modular virtually through our online webinar.

The online webinar will break down the differences between the "traditional stick built" method of construction versus the "modular" method. You'll learn the advantages and disadvantages of the modular process along with how we're integrating renewable energy smart home components to create net-zero (NZEB) properties. The heart of the concept is the inclusion of a residential storage battery, such as the Tesla Powerwall and Tesla solar roof tiles, while adding high energy efficient windows, doors, insulation, heating, etc. to maximize the battery's use.

Who is this seminar for?

  • The buyer who is looking to build a new home and would like to get the process done 30%-40% faster at a cost savings of 10%-20% of the original stick built method while building a stronger product.
  • The consumer interested in sustainability, renewable energy, smart home technology, energy efficient home components integrated with green living.
  • The "Developer" that wants to build a community or subdivision of hundreds of homes and/or the developer that wants to build apartment or hotel doors quicker, stronger and for less money.
  • The accredited investor that would like to be involved at the start of something that could quickly grow and potentially distract an industry.
  • The strategic investor who wants to partner with a company not only to get a strong ROI on their investment, but to have priority on the assembly line and a discount from normal mark-up.
  • The construction guy, the architect, the salesperson, the civil engineer, the supplier of building materials and anyone else that may want to learn more about modular construction and smart home technology and how to partner with S2A Modular.