Electrical Self-Sufficiency

Sustainability Through Electrical Self-Sufficiency

S²A Modular believes in sustainability, producing clean energy combined with less reliance on the power grid and municipalities. We build our world-class, luxurious structures exclusively around Tesla’s Powerwall, paired with FreeVolt PV Graf™ solar technology, to provide our customers with globe-leading electrical self-sufficiency.

Sustainable Clean Energy

No more gas, no more propane, no more grid-powered energy. We believe in Tesla’s vision in “Producing Your Own Clean Energy.” To achieve this, sleek FreeVolt PV Graf™ solar panels hug the roof top of either a custom home or commercial facility. Pulling from the FreeVolt PV Graf™ solar panels, Tesla’s Powerwall delivers complete, lasting energy to the house or building. Available when needed. Even when the power grid is down.

This renewable clean energy allows consumers to eliminate reliance on the grid and electric/power companies. What makes the Powerwall so unique is that you can either connect to the grid as a backup energy source or live completely off the grid. The choice is yours.

“Surplus Energy Income” (Net-Zero)

 With your home connected to the grid as a backup power source, soon enough, you won’t only eliminate energy bills…utility companies may eventually write you checks for your home having contributed energy to the grid.

Off Grid Capabilities

  • Low Voltage Unfractured
  • No Gas and No Propane
  • Low Voltage