S²A Modular Projects More than $1.44 Billion in Luxury Smart Home Sales by 2024

PALO ALTO, Calif. (Mar. 27, 2019) – S²A Modular – creator of the first electrically self- sustaining, custom and smart-connected luxury residence, the #GreenLuxHome – has announcedthat developers and homebuyers have pre-ordered more than 230 units as the company prepares to begin construction of its MegaFactory in Hemet in 2019. Early demand has signaled a projection of more than $1.44 billion in sales by 2024.

The #GreenLuxHome and #GreenLux Commercial Revolution
• S²A is shattering the world’s conventional thought on the way residential and commercial buildings are designed and constructed.
o The #GreenLuxHome is setting a new standard in the residential building industry with high-end design and materials, faster construction speed, tailor- made premium features and “surplus energy income” (Net Zero) – which may even result in the utility companies paying residents for contributing energy to the grid.
o Energy efficiency is even more reinforced by the combination of an industry- leading rechargeable home battery system, exclusive patented graphene solar panels from FreeVolt Solar, smart appliances, other cutting-edge components and a mobile app that controls the entire “smart home” system from one place.
▪ S²A Modular has continued to establish itself as a leader in the smart home revolution, with Coldwell Banker ABR backing the #GreenLuxHome as the model for what a “smart home certified” residence can and should be.
o Multi-use commercial buildings and world-class hotels are now being built modular, changing the game with better efficiency, better design, electrical self- sufficiency and integrated smart features “out of the box.”

Brian Kuzdas, co-founder and CEO – S²A Modular
“Since the launch of S²A Modular, we’ve received a great deal of interest from potential investors and homebuyers seeking to join the #GreenLuxHome revolution – a wave that’s changing the way the industry and the world understand electrically self-sustaining, smart- connected living, as well as commercial building construction. With our MegaFactory set to break ground in 2019, the momentum is tangible and exciting, with hundreds of units in the queue and big industry names like Coldwell Banker ABR backing our smart home vision – which is marked by immediately higher home values, lower living costs and redefined luxury.”

For more information about S²A Modular or to schedule an interview, please contact s2amodular@godriven360.com or call 310-374-6177.

For Investors: Second Round Opportunities Commence
• S²A’s immense momentum has led to bright sales projections. With such a high level of enthusiasm, a second round of investment has now opened for various levels of investors.
• Initial investments into the company are expected to be returned within the first few years with additional dividends provided on an annual basis.
• S²A Modular hosts monthly seminars all throughout California to highlight immense opportunities for both homebuyers and investors. A schedule of upcoming seminars can be found by visiting S²A’s event page at https://www.s2amodular.com/events.

About S²A Modular
The Future Is Here. Introducing the #GreenLuxHome.
The first electrically self-sustaining, custom luxury homes are changing the way the world understands residential buildings – creating a new standard in stylish design, construction speed, tailor-made features with high-end materials, “surplus energy income” (Net Zero) and smart-connected living. From constructing the latest in solar Tesla Powerwall-charged designer homes, full communities, commercial buildings to world-class hotels, the stunning S²A MegaFactory is a one-of-a-kind manufacturing center, producing impeccable structures that usher in a new era in better building and living. No more energy bills. Faster construction. Immediately higher home value compared with traditional “site-built” structures. #GreenLuxSavesBucks. Visit www.s2amodular.com and join the #GreenLuxHome revolution on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.


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