What is S²A Modular?

S2A Modular is a cutting-edge technology company with a focus on the production of electrically, self-sustaining, custom luxury homes and commercial properties. In addition to modular homes and buildings, we develop EV charging destinations, solar and storage farms, kinetic energies, and aggregate energy which allows us to take advantage of legislation such as FERC Order 841.

Clients benefit from our exclusive, proprietary technologies and worldwide patents in all three phases of energy, generation, storage and management. These technologies are all combined with our proprietary organic building materials, advanced lighting systems, next-generation heating systems and extremely low voltage and amperage solutions which all integrate into our proprietary S2A Smart Home app. This allows you to control all modes of your home and all devices including solar power generation, lighting, security, energy storage and more from a single device from anywhere in the world. S2A continues to lead the GREENLUX revolution with the most innovative forward-thinking technology available today!

Watch Our Brand Video and check out S2A Modular’s blog, news and press releases to learn more about the #GreenLuxRevolution.