The Momentum is Growing

Below you’ll see the statistics of people who have inquired with S2A Modular to either build a home, subdivision of homes, commercial building, apartment building or hotel, along with those interested in investing in S2A Modular. These stats run from the beginning of March 2020 and are updated weekly.

Thousands of customers and partners want to do business with, and invest in S2A Modular, are you ready?


Single Family



California 1664660686411
Florida 1319953215972
Texas 1096051755219
New York Tri-State 1088844044630
D.C. Metro Area 780427283136
Georgia 643326193099
North Carolina 504918831936
Canada 476121602053
Washington 463314891335
Illinois 371417371780
Colorado 369815341327
Arizona 348013111290
Michigan 334314881183
Pennsylvania 331013961456
Other-N/A 311513321471
Massachusetts 288210811014
Tennessee 26321064965
Ohio 257210711087
Oregon 2293784658
South Carolina 2215798775
Minnesota 2077721698
Nevada 1761657732
Missouri 1752815662
Wisconsin 1559607501
Alabama 1467612523