S²A Licensing Program Creates Worldwide Expansion Opportunities

S2A Modular Licensing Program: What Is It and How Can You Get Involved?

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest and greatest S2A news, you probably saw that we recently announced something pretty exciting — S2A is growing! In fact, growing is an understatement. S2A is expanding worldwide with the implementation of our new turn-key licensing program.

Cool! What exactly is the S2A Licensing Program?

With the S2A Licensing Program, approved licensees will have the opportunity to bring #GreenLux commercial and residential buildings to new areas of the world using all S2A’s coveted resources from a variety of entities and suppliers (soon to be announced).

Why Did S2A Modular Decide to Start a Licensing Program and What Does This Mean for Me?

We’re already experiencing high demand for our #GreenLuxHomes, with hundreds of units already pre-ordered and some major projects about to enter the beginning stages. We recognized this opportunity unfolding to bring our electrically self-sustaining, smart-connected luxury homes and commercial buildings to different regions – where there’s even more opportunity for expansion.

We’ve built an alliance with major industry partners to help build S2A Modular MegaFactories across the nation. Utilizing all our resources in addition to the resources that come with these industry partners, we’ll be seeing a massive expansion of the #GreenLuxRevolution throughout the world.

For the general consumer/homebuyer, this means we’re bringing affordable, sustainable #GreenLuxHomes to you, wherever you are, even faster than before.

For industry folks, this means new, exciting opportunities to join the S2A team and be a part of our worldwide expansion by becoming a licensee.

How Does it Work?

As an official licensee of S²A Modular, you will receive the following as part of our commitment to excellence.

  1. S²A and our affiliates will work with you on the design, construction, and set up of your new S²A facility.
  2. Our team will be on-site during construction, we will set up all working stations, and train your staff on all aspects of running the factory.
  3. As a part of S²A Modular, you will receive access to our in-house team of designers, engineers, and all affiliate products.
  4. Fire-proof green products will be produced at your new S²A Modular Factory including, fire-proof siding, roofing, and stucco.


Great! How Do I Get Involved?

For potential licensees/those who are looking to be a part of the #GreenLuxRevolution by opening and operating an S2A Modular MegaFactory, you can download the application on our website here and request more information from a team member, here.

More questions?

No problem, you can read more about the S2A Licensing Program here. Feel free to contact us if you want to talk with an S2A team member one-on-one about getting involved and what our licensing program can do for you.