Licensing Program

S²A Modular Licensing

Due to the overwhelming world-wide response to the release of the GREENLUX home by S²A Modular, we are now offering exclusive Licensing opportunities both domestically and internationally.  

Licensing Program

The future is here. Join the #GreenLuxRevolution as we expand our one-of-a-kind 100,000-plus sq./ft. MegaFactory with licensing opportunities globally. The S²A licensing program offers a turn-key system that allows licensees to build an S²A MegaFactory at their desired location and start manufacturing #GreenLuxHomes.

S²A has teamed up with industry leaders to create the only 100% turn-key modular factory licensing program anywhere in the world. S²A is now accepting qualified partners who would like to open and operate an S²A Modular Factory in his or her region or County.

Build #GreenLuxHomes

We're creating the opportunity for you to use the latest technology available to create the most energy efficient, sustainable homes in the world.

Why Join S²A Modular?

We’re completely shifting the paradigm of standard, site-built commercial and residential properties with the creation of the first-ever electrically self-sustaining, custom luxury properties. Crafted with tailor-made features with high-end materials, “surplus energy income” (Net Zero) and smart-connected living. Our homes are fire resistant, termite free, anti dry rot, and they elevate home conditioning to the second power. We’re ushering in a new era in better building.

How It Works

As an official licensee of S²A Modular, you will receive the following as part of our commitment to excellence.

  1. S²A and our affiliates will work with you on the design, construction, and set up of your new S²A facility. Our team will be onsite during construction, we will set up all working stations, and train your staff on all aspects of running the factory.
  2. As a part of S²A Modular, you will receive access to our in house team of designers, engineers, and all of our affiliate products.
  3. Fire-resistant green products will be produced at your new S²A Modular Factory including, fire-resistant siding, roofing, and stucco.

The Opportunity

The first electrically self-sustaining, custom, luxury, and smart-connected residential and commercial buildings will spread rapidly with our unique licensing alliance.

S²A Modular Alliance

S²A Modular, creator of the first electrically self-sustaining, custom, and smart-connected luxury residence, the #GreenLuxHome, has developed their own in-house licensing program. The newly formed opportunity by S²A is one of the first turn-key licensing programs of its kind. Qualified partners are now able to build #GreenLux residential and commercial buildings anywhere across the world.

Our Partners

Through the unique licensing program, licensees will bring #GreenLux buildings to new markets using coveted resources from  S² A  Modular.

Affiliate Partners & Preferred Product Providers

Corporate Vision

S²A Modular offers building systems that allow for unparalleled efficiencies, unrivaled affordability, and a new organic building universe within emerging markets for worldwide deployment.

Ready to Grow?

If you are interested in getting involved with S²A as a licensee, please use the application provided to inform us of your interest and desired location. 

Get In Touch

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