Modular Construction Using Innovation & Technology to Challenge Traditional Construction Methods

Across America, it’s not hard to find new housing developments or commercial buildings under construction. These developments have several homes in varying phases of construction with building materials scattered across construction sites that are also littered with tons of excess materials, trash, equipment and other debris that have become a regular landscape of the construction process. This reality represents an outdated form of construction being challenged by the technology-inspired modular construction industry.

Technology in the past 30 years has changed how we live our lives, how we communicate, how we shop and especially, how things are manufactured. Most industries have embraced these changes because it produces higher quality products that can be manufactured at lower costs, but it has not fully taken hold in the construction industry. Well, change is on the horizon and S2A Modular is set to lead the #GreenLux revolution.

Old Days – Old Ways

Homes and commercial properties have been built the same way for decades, completing the building process one step at a time, from the ground up, often using several different crews of subcontractors that take 6 to 12 months, or more, to build a finished home or commercial property. While advancements in some construction technologies have streamlined certain aspects of this process, site-built construction is still plagued with several challenges that are difficult to overcome:

  • Quality control – Crews from different sub-contracted companies bring different, often lower quality standards causing inconsistencies and lower overall build quality.
  • Theft – Jobsites are frequent targets for thieves that look to steal tools and building materials.
  • Vandalism – Construction companies spend millions each year repairing damage from vandals.
  • Security Expenses – To combat vandalism and theft, construction companies are often relegated to spend millions in security which is later added to the final costs of new construction.
  • Weather – Inclement weather conditions cause expensive delays in construction and damage structures and building materials.
  • Time and Delays – Combine the challenges faced by site construction with the coordination of various subcontractors, reliable labor, building inspections and material deliveries, site-built construction is slow and faces several delays which adds thousands to the construction project.


Modular Construction – Quality, Efficiency, Lower Costs

The old ways are just that, old ways. Homes and commercial properties are inefficient and take a long time to build so today’s innovators have set out to change that paradigm by using technology and forward thinking to solve some of the construction industry’s most complex problems.

Using an in-depth understanding of the current manufacturing industry, today’s modular construction giants like S2A Modular have tapped into these methods to fundamentally change the way homes and commercial properties are built. They have been able to mitigate nearly all the challenges associated with site-built construction by using modern manufacturing techniques that not only create superior products, but also incorporate many new technologies and building materials that have helped streamline the entire construction process.

It’s no secret that early modular construction wasn’t able to challenge site-built construction because of several limitations. Until recently, nearly all modular buildings were inexpensive homes built with cheap materials and very basic designs. Companies like S2A Modular are breaking that mold and developing superior homes that break the traditional modular construction perception:

  • Better Work Environment – Today’s modular factories are large, climate-controlled structures that create a perfect work environment giving skilled trade professionals a great work atmosphere that allows them to do their best work.
  • Construction Efficiency – Instead of homes being built in one phase after another, modular construction companies can build several aspects of a home simultaneously, in modules that are nearly complete with interior furnishings and assembled at the job site in days, not weeks.
  • Speed of Construction – With several rooms or modules of a structure being built at the same time, the overall construction timeline is cut in half or more which reduces the move-in timelines for developers and individual home buyers.
  • Lower Costs – In addition to lower per-square-foot costs compared to site-built construction, faster construction means reduced interest on construction loans and other expenses related to the construction timeline.
  • Reduced Waste – A factory environment allows construction crews to maximize the use of materials and reduce overall waste and excess packing materials. Modular construction can reduce waste by an average of 90 percent according to an article by the Modular Building Institute (MBI) titled Eliminating Waste in Design Phase.
  • Higher Quality – Skilled personnel working in a climate-controlled working environment, utilizing the latest technology and high-quality building materials can create higher quality homes and commercial properties that are stronger and superior that site-built properties.
  • Surge Capacity – A factory environment allows companies like S2A Modular the ability to add a second or third shift to help match increases in demand.


The comparison between these construction types is not anecdotal, it’s reality. More and more homes, hotels, multi-family residences, accessory dwelling units, apartment buildings, high-rises and more are being built using modular construction because of the long list of advantages over site-built construction.

S2A Modular is shattering old ways of construction and ushering in a whole new era in construction. They have more than 5,000 preorders of all types of structures ranging from single family homes and multifamily buildings to world-class hotels, commercial mixed-use buildings and specialized “SH1” buildings designed to tackle the homeless crisis in the United States. The impact is that home buyers and real estate developers will have ready access to higher quality, energy-efficient homes, hotels, multiuse facilities and commercial buildings, which are being produced in a technologically advanced factory using industry leading construction techniques. Join S2A Modular and the #GreenLux revolution.

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