What innovative and proprietary technologies differentiate S²A Modular from other builders?

S2A Modular homes and commercial properties are extremely sustainable and are designed using proprietary engineering techniques and some of the latest technologies to provide high-quality, luxurious smart homes.

Graphene Solar Panels

  • Graphene Solar Panels-PVGRAF- S2A Modular has an exclusive agreement as the only builder in North America licensed to build homes with FreeVolt Graphene Solar Panels. These panels feature 20 worldwide patents and outperform all other solar panels in the industry.
  • Graphene panels begin producing energy approximately one hour before and continue producing about an hour after other Tier 1 panels to maximize all available sunlight.
  • Cost of system, which is included with all #GREENLUXHOME series, is lower due to manufacturer-direct pricing and reduced system sizes.
  • Longest warranty in the industry – 30 years with FreeVolt
  • Lowest panel degradation of any Tier 1 panel (96.5% production after 25 years)
  • Click to read the press release about this announcement: GreenLuxHome Will Feature the World’s Only Graphene Solar Panels

Lowest Amperage, Lowest Voltage Buildings on the Planet

  • Advanced engineering and proprietary technologies are implemented from the ground up and designed from the inside out to run completely on a home energy storage system instead of using natural gas and energy from the power grid which is used in most traditional homes
  • Battery technology runs optimally when powering low voltage and low amperage equipment
  • Intelligent design and usage with volume purchasing and factory installation achieves the lowest costs possible compared to conventional building methods

Organic Building Materials

  • We manufacture eco-friendly superior building materials that drastically reduce costs when compared to buying from vendors
  • Plant Fibers and hurds (Not TREES!!!) subjected to extreme heat and pressure form a completely biodegradable material
  • S2A Modular MegaFactories are able to use products that are exactly sized to our needs, virtually eliminating waste
  • S2A Modular’s Building materials are fire reflective, and are immune to mildew, mold and termites
  • Building materials “fossilize” making the buildings stronger over time

Revolutionary Lighting

  • A lighting system that eliminates inefficiencies using state-of-the-art components and intelligent controls to create the world’s most powerful, yet efficient lighting system
  • Completely fireproof, sustainable and 100% Eco-friendly
  • Extreme dependability from self-healing, self-recovering circuitry with full system backup
  • First class lighting with industry-leading (CRI) color rendering index at 97/100
  • Bulb life expectancy of 100,000 hours creating extremely low replacement and maintenance costs
  • Overall energy reduction between 85%-90% with virtually no heat, UV or RMF
  • Cost reduction on labor and materials. Drivers from fixtures are obsolete. Installation time is drastically reduced without heavy gauge copper wires, metal conduits and junction boxes

S2A App – Smart Home

  • S2A Modular’s custom smart phone/tablet app used to control lights, windows, climate control, cameras, thermostats and more
  • Full control from anywhere on the planet
  • Create “Modes” for complete control of features and energy
  • Monitored 24/7/365 at NO MONTHLY COST!

Advanced Engineering Design

  • Most modular factories offer very few engineering and structural options due to plant restrictions. For example, certain modular plants can only do three or four roof pitches, however S2A Modular can design the trusses to work with any roof width or pitch desired. Very few companies have the capability to do custom work on this scale.
  • Please Be Aware:
    • Roofs over 13-feet tall from bottom of rim to top of framing will need a hinged or capped roof, and if more than 16 feet tall, a police escort for transport is required.
    • Any roof built with a pitch less than 2.5 inches every 12 inches voids most shingle warranties, so those roofs require an ethylene propylene diene terpolymer or EPDM synthetic roofing membrane. All of S2A Modular’s “flat roofs” are built with a slope between 1/4 and 1/8 of an inch per-foot slope to ensure proper water drainage.

Heated Flooring

  • S2A Modular homes include optional infrared heating elements under the flooring. The heating elements that are installed under flooring products, can heat a room using infrared technology which is more efficient than forced air and can provide the same amount of heat using only 1/3 of the energy.
  • Benefits of FreeHeat Systems
    • Safety – Low core temp but still has powerful heating capabilities
    • Low Maintenance – No moving parts, filters or lubricants to worry about
    • Quick Heat Recovery – System keeps providing heat between heating cycles
    • Silent Operation – Infrared heating has no moving parts so heat is delivered silently
    • Comfortable, Gentle Heat – Heat is uniformly delivered and creates a warm room feeling and is not affected by wind or drafts
    • Instant Heat – Infrared systems heat objects, not air so heat can be delivered quickly
    • Efficient & Cost Effective – Heat can be delivered in zones heating only specific rooms, meaning a 30-50% reduction in heating costs