How much do they cost?

S2A Modular offers several different types of designs designed to meet specific needs, styles, features and a variety of budgets. We use advanced construction methods and sustainable materials. Our goal is to keep your unique building needs and requirements at the forefront, while working with you to provide upfront and transparent pricing.

Builders Series homes offer several simple designs with attractive yet affordable finishes and basic features, starting at $149.00 per square foot. #GreenLuxHome series are the company’s top-of-the-line homes and pricing begins at $173.00 per square foot. This series includes premium design, larger windows, upgraded appliances, and high-end features. Solar and battery can be added to either series as part of our Energy System package with pricing starting at approximately $20.00 per square foot. This package can be customized and upgraded based on your kilowatt requirements. **Please Note: CA residents will need to include at least the minimum Energy System package based on California’s solar mandate and Title 24 requirements.

 Transportation fees are estimated per project but average approximately $9.00 per mile, per module. The number of modules will vary based on design.

Note: Per-square-foot costs do not include expenses associated with transportation, crane, home installation, foundation, land, permitting, city fees, utility fees, sales tax, optional/upgraded features, or any improvements needed to prepare a site for the delivery and installation of an S2A Modular home.