How much do they cost?

S2A Modular offers several different types of properties designed to meet specific needs, styles, features and a variety of budgets. Because of its advanced construction methods and sustainable materials, costs per square foot for S2A Modular properties are substantially lower than other types of custom construction. Our goal is to keep your unique building needs and requirements at the forefront, while working with you to provide upfront and transparent pricing, without hidden fees or playing the change order game.

Model A series homes offer several attractive yet affordable finishes and features, starting at $139.00 per square foot for homes built for setup outside of California. Model A homes built for California start at $149.00 per square foot and include one of S2A Modular’s revolutionary solar systems powered by FreeVolt Graphene solar panels. The California State Mandate requires new homes built in California be equipped with a solar energy system. Non-California homebuyers can always add a solar system for the same per square foot cost of a California Model A series home.

S2A#GreenLuxHome series are the company’s top-of-the-line homes and pricing begins at $169.00 per square foot. #GreenLuxHome series feature all of S2A Modular’s advanced technologies which include renewable energies, smart home integration, luxury upgrades and advanced mechanical and electrical engineering.

SH1 or Sustainable Housing 1 series homes were created by S2A to help provide relief to the homeless crisis in the United States. SH1 homes average approximately 364 square feet and are completed entirely in an S2A Modular MegaFactory. All SH1 homes include solar power generation and energy storage systems to help lower or eliminate energy expenses. Inquire for pricing.

Transportation fees are estimated per project but average approximately $9.00 per mile, per module.

Note: Per-square-foot costs do not include expenses associated with transportation, crane, home installation, foundation, land, permitting, city fees, utility fees, or any improvements needed to prepare a site for the delivery and installation of an S2A Modular home. These costs are outlined in your specific Development Feasibility Study & Conceptual Budget.