S2A Opportunity Zone Fund

S²A Opportunity Zone Fund: Tax Benefits, High Return

We’ve joined the national campaign to revitalize distressed American cities, while creating a promising program that delivers immense tax benefits for investors. The S2A Opportunity Zone Fund is an official part of the federal government’s program that was designed to revitalize regions in need of economic development in the United States.


  • Unlike other Qualified Opportunity Zone Funds, the S²A fund provides full visibility on where investor contributions are used:
    • S²A and its affiliates act as the builder, developer, fund manager and broker.
    • As a one-stop-shop, there’s complete visibility into how investments are being used, as well as what investors are getting in return.
  • Investors may defer and/or reduce taxes on capital gains by investing.
    • This means you can engage and benefit from deferral, basis step-up and/or elimination when it comes to capital gains taxes.

The result: regions will experience a dramatic transformation with the arrival of #GreenLuxHome units and commercial buildings. And investors will have an opportunity to:

  • Raise the standard of living with the superior quality of #GreenLux units, making a positive difference in society.
  • Lower cost of living at the same time, helping to drive economic growth.
  • All while being part of a vibrant movement that also delivers unique investment and tax benefits.

For more information about the S²A Modular Opportunity Zone Fund investment opportunity, please complete the below form and an S²A Modular representative will be in contact shortly.