The Momentum is Growing

Below you’ll see the statistics of people who have inquired with S2A Modular to either build a home, subdivision of homes, commercial building, apartment building or hotel, along with those interested in investing in S2A Modular. These stats run from the beginning of March 2020 and are updated weekly.

Thousands of customers and partners want to do business with, and invest in S2A Modular, are you ready?


Single Family



California 871336973573
Florida 639231753216
New York Tri-State 574027452632
Texas 545231012991
Canada 425619581795
D.C. Metro Area 389916291776
Georgia 284414691628
Washington 2660969799
North Carolina 229510231001
Illinois 198610761049
Arizona 1925816782
Colorado 1873958740
Pennsylvania 1630857829
Massachusetts 1591679598
Michigan 1284761536
Oregon 1205486362
Minnesota 1110449393
Ohio 1086554528
Tennessee 996554455
Nevada 954402420
South Carolina 750382362
Utah 731350317
Missouri 730428342
Wisconsin 665323214
Hawaii 618254211
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