The Momentum is Growing

Below you’ll see the statistics of people who have inquired with S2A Modular to either build a home, subdivision of homes, commercial building, apartment building or hotel, along with those interested in investing in S2A Modular. These stats run from the beginning of March 2020 and are updated weekly.

Thousands of customers and partners want to do business with, and invest in S2A Modular, are you ready?


Single Family



California 1731662857534
Florida 1427155387557
Texas 1164253456331
New York Tri-State 1140545725558
D.C. Metro Area 816628043731
Georgia 690927473831
North Carolina 551919752524
Washington 485015281619
Canada 476821632063
Colorado 390515821584
Illinois 389117992099
Arizona 370813531577
Michigan 359015661585
Pennsylvania 353814481811
Other-N/A 308713301934
Massachusetts 298711211204
Tennessee 293611131359
Ohio 276911161360
South Carolina 24848421151
Oregon 2420811823
Minnesota 2193747836
Missouri 1912847864
Nevada 1854674883
Alabama 1670652808
Wisconsin 1666632646