Kern Solar Structures Partners with S2A Modular and FreeVolt USA as Exclusive Provider of Solar CarPorTs™ at Its Nationwide Network of MegaFactories

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (Dec. 3, 2020) — Kern Solar Structures, manufacturer of premium-grade custom solar structure solutions, is partnering with S2A Modular and FreeVolt USA as the exclusive provider of Solar CarPorT™ for the company’s network of 35 MegaFactories throughout North America. The first phase of the partnership kicks off with the construction of two custom 240kW solar carport systems at S2A Modular’s Patterson and other MegaFactories.

The first Solar CarPorT system being installed consists of three individual carport structures which are designed to allow for system expansion and increased generation capacity as the factories expand its operations. The individual structures are coated in a two-tone polysiloxane protective coating in S2A Modular’s trademark green and white. They also feature laser cut, back-lit, solar wrap column enhancements which include an illuminated S2A Modular logo.

These structures are designed to support a custom PVGRAF solar system designed by FreeVolt USA consisting of more than 800 300W PVGRAF solar panels. FreeVolt USA is the world’s only manufacturer of graphene-based PV modules, which generate more power for longer during the day than conventional panels allowing S2A Modular to take advantage of its revolutionary technology. In addition, FreeVolt’s modules are some of the most durable on the market, ensuring the highest levels of energy production throughout their lifetime.

Since all MegaFactories are designed from the ground up to operate at maximum efficiency levels, the Solar CarPorTs and PVGRAF modules are critical components and will provide all energy needed to run the factory. Each MegaFactory will also utilize a large commercial energy storage system like the Tesla PowerPack™ to store energy generated by the FreeVolt modules.

S2A Modular is changing the way the world looks at modular construction. As manufacturers of the world’s first self-sustaining, custom luxury smart homes, S2A Modular has developed a new standard in stylish design using tailor-made features and high-end materials. They have emerged as industry leaders in smart home design, modular construction, Net Zero and Net Positive energy efficiency using renewable building materials. Due to their modular construction practices, S2A Modular is able to produce large quantities of homes across the country and disrupt the current home building market.

“Part of S2A Modular’s success has been choosing the right partners, and we are very excited at what Kern is able to bring to the table. Their exclusive use of high-quality materials allows them to create some of the best and strongest solar awnings in the industry,” said John Rowland, president and co-founder of S2A Modular. “One of the most important features of Kern’s Solar CarPorT is its expansion capability that allows us to seamlessly add more awnings and solar generation capacity if needed. Solar is a critical aspect to our MegaFactory operations, and we are confident in Kern’s ability to deliver structures that will last for decades.”

Construction of the Patterson MegaFactory Solar CarPorT System is scheduled for late 2020.


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The Future Is Here. Introducing the #GreenLuxHome. These first electrically self-sustaining, custom luxury homes are changing the way the world understands residential buildings – creating a new standard in stylish design, construction speed, tailor-made features with high-end materials, “surplus energy income” (Net Zero), superior hemp-based sustainable building materials and smart-connected living. From constructing the latest in patented graphene solar panel-charged designer homes, full communities, commercial buildings to world-class hotels, the stunning S2A MegaFactory is a one-of-a-kind manufacturing center, producing impeccable structures that usher in a new era in better building and living. No more energy bills. Faster construction. Immediately higher home value compared with traditional “site-built” structures.


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