Modular building manufacturer plans Valley factory

A sustainable building manufacturer that creates modular homes, apartments, hotels and other buildings plans to open a Phoenix-area factory in 2021.

During the next two months, S2A Modular plans to close on land to build a $25 million Valley facility along with factories in several other metros, including Seattle, Denver, Dallas and Washington, D.C., said Brian Kuzdas, CEO and co-founder of S2A Modular.

The Palo Alto, California-based company already has plans for two factories in its home state, in Patterson and Hemet, but the company has enough business to open more, Kuzdas said. Each factory has the capacity to build 2,000 units per year, whether they be hotel rooms, apartment units or modular homes.

Kuzdas said the company mapped out locations around the U.S. and into Canada and shortlisted Arizona because there were already many customers from the Phoenix area. However, the 2021 factories are only the first wave of the expansion, by 2023 the firm plans to have 35 locations.

Each factory will employ about 250 people, Kuzdas said. While the firm’s own factories are not built yet, the company has about 30 factory partners that can manufacture its products if its clients are ready to move ahead with building before S2A’s factories are operational. The firm has about 600 units in various stages of permitting.

The factories will include five buildings, including manufacturing buildings with two factory lines, an office and showroom to showcase the firm’s various products, which range from a small accessory dwelling unit to a luxury home.


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